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You are an entrepreneur with something amazing to share,

I am a storytelling-obsessed, creative copywriter who loves crafting compelling website content based on SEO’s best strategies, and I get it. You need a copy that sounds like you – but even better!

I have been helping digital entrepreneurs & service-based business owners for the past 7 years, and I know what you are thinking. Can a copywriter actually write down my thoughts and aspirations better than I can? The short answer is YES!

“I am so thankful! Quick delivery, great communication, and the way she was able to understand my business and write about it for my landing page I was blown away. The writing was clear, concise, and described what I was looking for in 300 words. Looking forward to working together on other projects.”

Latanya Nowarnick – Dilly Curls

“Wow!!! From the very first message to the completion of my project, Konstantina has made this a seamless process. She knows her stuff. She asks the right questions. She delivers. She exceeds expectations. She goes above and beyond. I will definitely use her serves in the very near future. Thank you so much!!”

Kaliah Kirkland –

Raise your hand if you want to …

  • Stop chasing the right words and spare your energy for something you actually love doing
  • Get an outside perspective from a maven who can easily match what you offer to what your dream clients really want 
  • Have new customers admit that your personality-fueled website just spoke to them
  • Quit stalking your competitors’ websites wishing yours was half as good

It’s time to connect with your potential clients by leveraging clear, compelling, and action-provoking copy. 

Why do you need Creative Copywriting For Small Businesses?

In a nutshell, copywriting tips off Google that your website is worth showing up on page 1 of a Google search, or page 11. Great brands tell fascinating stories, attract new leads & outrun competitors.  You see, SEO copywriting is crucial because, with the use of keywords, carefully placed in all the right places, you will improve your site’s ranking.

No, that’s not all!

There is so much more that goes into the creation of a stellar website copy than a few carefully-placed words. You have to identify your dream clients and tailor your language & message as if you are speaking directly to them.

With affordable copywriting by your side, you can confidently scale your business with a brand tone that’s clear, persuasive, and, well, sticky. Sounds good?

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Website Copywriting Services

For entrepreneurs who need a crystal clear message around their values, mission, and vision, channeled through carefully crafted words that differentiate you from the competitors.

The Process


Strategy & Research

Comparison will get you nowhere! So, let’s outrun your competitors. A deep dive into the hows and whys in order to identify your ideal customer’s/ reader’s persona. The goal? To balance your creative business strategy with compelling words your customers will relate to.


Outline & Writing

Time to make your vision a reality. This is the fun part! The Keywords and Competitor research is over! Your copy is in the making, and along with it come some pretty powerful taglines, brand values, and headlines that will speak to your ideal customers across all platforms.


Revision & Edits

You have reviewed everything, all final edits have been made and your website is now filled with conversion-focused words that share a cohesive story about your values and aspirations. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the organic traffic.

Explore The Success Stories

Aunty Lucy’s now has a clear, emotion-provoking brand message with product descriptions that perfectly capture her heavenly-scented candles.

Hyperborea’s brand voice is refined, luxurious and trustworthy.

Pear Skin Diva creates mindful connections with her audience through her friendly and relatable newsletter series.

Let’s Get Your Words Flowing

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Through compelling copywriting & blog content writing, you’ll finally be able to attract (and keep) the right clients, identify your unique brand voice and grow your business organically.

I’d love to meet you and hear about your vision for your website copy.