Sustainability Content Writer – Ethical Diamond Jewelry Brand

Brand Voice:



Brittany Groshong , the founder and designer behind Valley Rose, was well-versed in the digital marketing process but needed a sustainability content writer who could adhere to her already strong SEO practices. I instantly became fascinated by her aspiration to create high quality jewelry that honors the earth by ensuring people in our supply chain are paid fair livable wages and there is minimal environmental impact with the extraction of our materials and supplies. Through in-depth research, I created a series of educational yet friendly blog articles to convey her experience, boost her search presence, and elevate her brand so she could reach even more dream clients.

Our Work Includes:

Keyword and Industry Research

Blog content creation for the Valley Rose Journal

Very creative writer with a great sense of style and eye for detail. Looking forward to working with her again to develop more content for my jewelry blog.

Brittany Groshong From Valley Rose